Hometown Fabricating: Production welding, Albia, IA.

Specialists in mig, tig, carbon, chrome moly, stainless steel and aluminum

We take pride in:

  • High quality
  • Quick turn around
  • Low cost
  • Will help with design of new parts and redesign old

Hometown Employees Always SERVE.

  • Strive for excellence. We take pride in our ability to give our customers the most excellent product available by using the latest prints and designs.
  • Exceed quality expectations. We are constantly setting the highest standards for our quality of work.
  • Reliable services. Our service departments provide the best and most dependable services.
  • Versatile. With a wide variety of jobs and customers, we adapt to the specific needs of each individual customer.
  • Efficient. We make it our mission to give our customers the highest quality product in the quickest amount of time.

Mission Statement:

Hometown Fabricating takes pride in its ability to establish and conduct business relations with integrity and efficiency and to provide our customers with the highest quality, most contemporary products at affordable prices.

Hometown Fabricating was established in 2003 in a 24x28 garage welding sewing/quilting machine legs. After its success in the quilting industry, bell housings became the next project. In June of 2004, Hometown moved into a 2200sq foot building outside the city limits of Albia. August of 2010, the addition was complete, giving Hometown 6400sq feet to utilize. With the space, Hometown has added its own packing, shipping, and delivery departments along with locker rooms, a lunchroom, and offices.

Hometown Fabricating
6674 189th Street
Albia, IA 52531
Owner Tim Folkerts

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